Welcome to Aloha Gambia…… My intention for the blog is cooperative and family style – I’m inviting you to share and learn with me as I go through my Peace Corps service in The Gambia (TG). I’m still very new here (been in country about 5 1/2 months) so we can start slow and talk basics so we’re on the same page more or less – food, culture, language, work, family life, hobbies, what a PCV does, etc.

You’re very much welcome and encouraged to comment, ask questions, or propose ideas for blog topics (i.e., what do you want to learn about?). Use me as a test pilot for humanitarian ideas, gardening tips or things you may be curious about but not have the chance to try out here on the front lines. And we’ll also talk a lot about natural farming, the nature of helping, how my guitar is coping with the heat, hacky sack, surfing, Dubstep and The Mars Volta of course.

Together we’ll learn about and appreciate more of this awesome world. Thank you,



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